It's Worthit To...

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Our Worth comes from God, Himself. Let's look at some things that are Worthit to do...

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1. Keep Your Home Tidy - even if you think no one is coming. It's worth it when people pop in. It's worth it for them to always feel welcome. My grown children know they can bring guests anytime and I welcome them - whether I am home, or not. Keep the balance - give yourself permission not to clean when you need a break.

2. Get Up And Be Ready Every Morning. For men, that means deoderant and shaven. For women, that means get your make-up and hair done. Get it however you like it - in order to run into people. You are worth it to feel good about yourself. There are days for not make-up and no shaving. Keep a balance.

3. Keep A Possitive State Of Mind. You owe it to yourself and those around you to keep your 'field' clear. Work though issues. If you have to rant and rave - do it with a purpose: to put anger in its right place. (see "The Football Field of Your Mind" and "BAASN" under e-articles) Your health depends on it. You and your fiends depend on you.

4. Be Kind To Everyone You Meet. God told us to love others as we love ourselves. So be kind to yourself. You will reap what you sow. This creates a great attitude around you. You feel/experience it and so do others. Yes, sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves. Treat yourself as you would treat others in the same situations. With kids- while there are the times that you may need to be stern- balance it with times of fun and kind, encouraging words. Keep the mental kindness in check. Again, work through issues. I have friends that will help me work through issues.

5. Make Time For God. Make time for Him in your day and in your heart. If you want to know more about having God in your heart call 1-800-NEEDHIM. 1-800-633-3446.

6. Make Time For Yourself. This can be in many forms. Quiet time. A time you go do something you love. It can mean guys go do something with the guys and girls go with the girls. Maybe a married couple takes time for themselves. It may mean you do something by yourself. You don't have to GO somewhere. It may be that 'project' you love to do, but haven't had time for. Bring it out and work on it.

7. Have A Nice Dinner/Supper Every Evening. This can be a fully cooked meal OR SANDWICHES. Just prepare it with love and thankfulness. You are taking time to stop and dine. Take a breath and enjoy it. Richard and I go to the Theatre about 50 miles from home. It is our get-away. It is a local theater in a small town. Sometimes we make a reservation and have dinner before the performance. Sometimes Richard's work doesn't allow time for dinner. Last time I fixed burritos (taco meat and cheese), iced tea and cookies. We prayed in the car for our dinner and our night. It was a time we had to spend traveling, visiting and being entertained. Be creative. By the way, I take time for a nice dinner by myself - when Richard has to be gone.

8. Do Your Best Work Always. At home, or work. There's no reason not to. (Yes, I know that is not proper grammar.)